Aaron Litten


Aaron is pretty good at making videos.

His secret? When he takes on a project, he makes a point of leaving his assumptions at the door and exploring the task at hand through a kaleidoscope of styles and perspectives.

This gives him (and his footage) an excitingly different point of view—and helps to tell client stories in a fresh and engaging way. Aaron’s work unites narrative structure, visual art, specialized know-how, and out-of-the-box thinking to produce videos that are visually stunning, technically imaginative, and utterly persuasive.

What is Aaron’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The people: work environment is bigger than most people think when it comes to success. Working with people who show love and empathy, while also pushing you to the limits to be your best, really creates a culture that focuses on learning and growing, rather than competition.

Aaron’s favorite Merit value:

Show love

How does Aaron define success?

Loving and taking care of the people around me

Aaron’s life motto

Be patient, show love, support the passions of others, and work to make the world around you a better place.