Adam Vasquez


Adam believes that marketing is broken. Marketing has been focused on tactics and has to evolve from “marcom” to “market invention.”

Adam is the CEO of Merit, the global leader in market invention.

Adam is known for his ability to create markets for clients. His efforts have not only achieved many accolades, but have also served as an engine for sustained growth, profitability, and mission success for a number of small, medium, and large companies.

He manages more than $150 billion in brand assets for a number of Merit clients, including New Holland, Peeps, Cardone Industries, TE Connectivity, Auntie Anne’s, and AMTRAK. Adam is a sought-after public speaker on various business, leadership, and motivational topics.

What's Adam’s favorite part of working at Merit?

Every day, I am grateful to participate in a process that blends research and strategy with creative and technology. It’s incredible to watch invention happen on a daily basis. It’s even more incredible to see a team (client + Merit) come together to create what’s next for an industry.

What's Adam's favorite Merit value?

Fail every day

How does Adam define success?

Success is the relentless pursuit of your life purpose.

Adam's life motto

What comes up, doesn’t have to come down. If you put enough velocity behind anything, you’ll break through earth’s gravity and reach the stars.