Alex Rhodes

VP, Client Experience

Alex’s multi-faceted experience allows her to partner with a variety of clients to create innovative and strategic programs together.

Alex uses her vast marketing industry experience to lead a team of client strategists in providing integrated brand, research, and digital experience programs.

Alex, Merit's Fairy Godmother, is a marvel at getting things done. In her career, Alex has worked with incredibly talented marketing professionals who have exposed her to different aspects of the marketing world. She’s previously held roles leading PR, brand, internal communications, and retail programs for consumer and business brands.

What is Alex’s favorite part of working at Merit?

Our culture allows everyone to be unique. Together, our individual skillsets and talents bring something powerful and special to our clients and what we do.

What is Alex’s favorite Merit value?

No assholes

Working in a culture that isn't afraid to 1) say it and 2) stay true to it is liberating. Assholes and negativity will hold back any potential opportunity for success from greatness. At Merit, we don't have time for that. We have great things to do.

How does Alex define success?

Serving as a partner to clients during their time with Merit and creating meaningful programs that impact their bottom line.

Alex’s life motto

Roll up your sleeves, drink some coffee, and handle it.

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Alex Rhodes

Show Love by Giving Back

At Merit, one of our values is to “show love”. I’d heard that before but I had never truly seen that put into action.

Alex Rhodes
Brands – Everybody’s Got One

From a Fortune 500 company to a local business owner to an individual, the approach to managing a brand is all the same.