Brandon Kreiser

Senior Video Associate

Brandon is a video producer working with large organizations, local film crew, and anyone in between. By "wearing every hat," Brandon has an in-depth knowledge of all things video.

At Merit, Brandon helps clients create videos that creatively and artistically articulate their story and engage audiences and customers.

Brandon has honed his skills in producing, directing, non-linear video editing, graphic design, broadcast television engineering, and so much more.

What started as a childhood hobby has become Brandon’s career. He still gets excited every day to go to work because he does what he’s most passionate about for a company that shares that passion.

What's your favorite part of working at Merit?

The people. Any company can do cool things, but not every company has great people.

What's Brandon’s favorite Merit value?

Fail every day

Brandon believes too many people keep their great ideas in their heads because they're afraid to fail.

How does Brandon define success?

Success means achieving happiness in what you do. Brandon believes if you’re not following your passion, there’s no point in trying.

Brandon's Life Motto

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try." - Alexander the Great