Brianna Hoke

Graphic Designer

Brianna’s inexhaustible attention to detail and holistic understanding of graphic design underpin her passion: helping clients find and express their brand’s visual identity.

Brianna considers good design to be a combination of precision focus and big-picture thinking.

She savors the everyday experiences of discovery that her field offers—whether that’s learning more about a program, a client, or industries she never knew existed. A graduate of the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Brianna says she makes it a point to always take in the world around her: it is both information and inspiration.

What is Brianna’s favorite part of working at Merit:

The atmosphere—it’s laid back, but in a really professional way. I’ve also found more creative freedom, more wide-ranging experience, than I previously had as a graphic designer.

What is Brianna’s favorite Merit value?

Fail every day

How does Brianna define success?

Success is coming to work excited—not feeling burnt out. It’s just being happy with what you do.

Brianna’s life motto:

“You're braver than you believe and stronger and smarter than you think.” (Yes, that’s from Winnie the Pooh)