Carly Dean

Account Manager

Carly keeps her finger on the pulse of myriad projects, coordinating with account directors, clients, and internal teams to ensure that deadlines are met and objectives are achieved.

With an impressive track record in B2C marketing, particularly in the food and entertainment industries, Carly understands the common snags and hurdles of building a brand—and how to rally a team along the way.

Often, it means stepping in to take the lead at the tactical level, ensuring specific client needs are met. At other times, it requires her to step back to look at the bigger picture: setting goals, tracking progress, and cultivating collaboration. Carly’s job is anything but easy. But at the end of the day, her job description is simple: be an ally for clients and team members along the path to Market Invention.

What is Carly’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The people—working alongside a team that not only cares and is passionate about doing good work but also wants to see each other succeed.

Carly’s favorite Merit value

Fail every day

How does Carly define success?

If you're happy, then you're succeeding. But above and beyond that—am I living life out of my comfort zone? Because it's when we get uncomfortable and break through barriers that we truly experience what we're capable of. That is true happiness. That is success.

Carly’s life motto

Be brave. Be grateful. There's a lesson in everything that happens in life.