Caroline McBride

Social Media and Content Manager

Armed only with emojis and a quick wit, Caroline leverages social media to create vibrant relationships between clients and their customers.

For many businesses, it can be hard to stand out (or even just keep up) in the dynamic, fickle universe of social media.

Caroline steps in to help clients amplify their voice, strengthen connections, and build a faithful following across social media channels and outlets. She guides companies through the the process of engagement, crafts content for a variety of mediums, and monitors analytics. Outside of the office, she’s a dedicated cook who’s passionate about expressing her creativity in every dish.

What’s Caroline’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The teamwork here is extremely refreshing. Everyone is so supportive and positive that it makes every day a treat to be here.

What is Caroline’s favorite Merit value?

Show Love

I feel it’s so important to build employees up and show that you see them and that they are valued.

How does Caroline define success?

On a personal level, success to me is as simple as being happy. On a professional level, success to me happens when the client is happy with the work we’ve accomplished.

Caroline’s life motto:

“Perfect is overrated. Perfect is boring.” —Tina Fey