Casey Boggs

Chief Communications Officer

Casey brings more than extensive experience to any project. He creates results.

As the President of communications with 24+ years of experience, Casey builds all-inclusive strategies for any scenario.

From working with the nation’s largest PR agencies to speaking nationally about his expertise, Casey delivers the same clear, effective insight to any situation with specialties in reputation management, crisis resolution, incident response, M&A communication strategy and litigation support.

Casey is a constant student of communication in all its variety. That’s why he takes improv classes in his spare time – they help him think on his feet, stay positive, and listen. From speaking in sports metaphors to leading crisis communications, Casey lives to express the most interesting, insightful, and relevant messages for every occasion.

Casey’s favorite part about working at Merit?

Playing an integral part in building and growing Merit into a special business for the entire Merit team and its partner clients.

What is Casey’s favorite Merit value?

Be passionate

Because passion is the engine behind growth.

How does Casey define success?

Personal happiness.

Casey’s life motto:

Deal with the cards you’re dealt.

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