Daniel Briggs

Director, Studio

With over 10 years of design and marketing experience, Daniel has worked alongside the best in the business to create and shape effective and relevant marketing platforms.

Daniel is constantly evolving and expanding his technical skillset and design capabilities in anticipation of future design and marketing trends. This allows him to meet the ever-evolving needs of Merit’s clientele.

He is passionate about pairing of forward-thinking design with innovative technology.

Daniel has experience across multiple industries and has facilitated the launch of both new product categories and products designed to disrupt incumbent market landscapes. From the financial and commercial real estate sectors to agricultural industries and consumer markets, Daniel leverages his unique experience and skillset to offset and challenge outdated, antiquated norms.

Outside the office, Daniel studies woodworking, gardening, and jiu jitsu to stay inspired, get a fresh perspective, and maintain a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle.

What's your favorite part of working at Merit?

The flexible and dynamic working environment. Daniel is a firm believer that we all produce the best work by working together, brainstorming, and iterating as a team. The environment we’ve built is one that facilitates a strong bond among peers based on ongoing collaboration and problem-solving.

What's your favorite Merit value?

Stay balanced

How do you define success?

Success is equal to balance. Its an important distinction in the understanding of success because it allows for success of any scale. Success could mean becoming a wealthy business owner, or also someone with a modest career. The essence of success is achieving goals once the objectives and path have been made clear.

Dan's life motto

Stay open-minded. Daniel finds great value in remaining open-minded to new experiences, cultures and ways of getting things done.

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