Emilie Troupe

Junior Program Manager

Emilie’s unfailing positivity and composure under pressure, combined with her love of fixing what isn’t working, allow her to keep her teammates calm and projects running smoothly.

From planning budgets and timelines to participating in the creative process, Emilie works with team members in every department to ensure that projects stay on target.

She’s passionate about invention, and loves seeing a proposal slowly transform from vision to tangible product. In Emilie’s words, her job is really about turning clients into relationships through honesty, trust, and results. It’s about creating expressions that impress clients and connect with the public—and staying positive through the process.

Emilie’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The people! Everyone is incredibly welcoming and friendly, even on a Monday morning.

Emilie’s favorite Merit value?

Show love.

How does Emilie define success?

Success is the feeling of pride that comes from overcoming a challenge or obstacle.

Emilie’s life motto?

Passion and pride in every aspect of life