Emily Hopkins

Digital Marketing Manager

Emily takes an analytics-driven approach to elevating our clients’ share of voice in digital media.

With over six years of experience in digital marketing and technical analysis, Emily has come to be a believer in the value of making marketing decisions that are guided not by intuition and enthusiasm, but by numbers and hard data.

To some, that might sound tough: to her, it’s a code to be cracked, a puzzle to be solved. She collaborates with our clients to incorporate analytics and search optimization into concrete, measurable strategies for growth, while also assisting in various levels of testing, quality assurance, and demand generation. On her days off, Emily is a dedicated athlete, traveller, and dog lover.

What’s Emily’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The opportunity. I’m excited to work with people passionate about building something that’s more, something new and different.

What is Emily’s favorite Merit value?

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How does Emily define success?

Success lies where complacency does not exist. Success is when you accomplish even more than you set out to. It is staring back with pride.

Emily’s life motto:

“Everyday’s a good day, some are just better than others.” - Jeffrey Hopkins