Erinne Finlayson

Social Media/Influencer Videographer

Erinne manages video content for social channels, creating captivating content to help clients join trending conversations from a unique point of view.

Her role requires a bit of a generalist approach, and an average day for Erinne is a medley of video work, photography, graphic design, production, and content creation.

For Erinne, visual storytelling is an opportunity to share a mood or moment in a way that transcends language and cultural barriers. She’s passionate about creating content that not only educates people, but transports them to another place, suggests an alternative way of seeing things, and enhances their appreciation for the subject.

What is Erinne’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The respect and kindness that exists between colleagues.

What is Erinne’s favorite Merit value?

Fail every day

How does Erinne define success?

Success is facing adversity and not having fear of failure.

Erinne’s life motto:

Even the bravest wolf hunts with her head down.