James Madsen

Chief Creative Officer

As our CCO, James is a strategic, creative thinker with over 20 years of agency experience. Sporting a trophy case (i.e. a box in his basement) full of industry awards, he leads creative development across Merit’s traditional, digital and social departments.

Over the course of his career, James has made raisins relevant again by recalling the sunny days of childhood for Sun-Maid. Got PA motorcycle riders to help one another live free and ride alive for PennDot. He’s directed a famous, talking fish to sell chicken, CHICKEN!, for Star-Kist. And along the way, he even managed to turn himself into an award-winning copywriter from an award-winning art director.

Whether he’s working on international brands or a restaurant down the street, James’ passion, creativity and bordering-on-unhealthy obsession with every facet of marketing and advertising never takes a day off.

He’s spent his career trying to pay back those who’ve helped him by paying it forward. And he’s more than happy to tell you about the time he kicked Macaulay Culkin out of his seat.

What is James' favorite part of working at Merit?

We’re building a company we want to work for with people we want to work with.

What is James' favorite Merit value?

Expect the best

How does James define success?

It’s never finished.

James' life motto:

Good enough isn’t.