Jamie Judy

Director, Program Management

With more than 10 years of experience working in various roles that include administration, finance, traffic, and client service, Jamie brings a unique 360˚perspective of Merit that allows her to apply a well-rounded view to every project and client.

Jamie keeps all client and agency projects running smoothly through close collaboration and expert organization.

With high attention to detail and strong organizational skills, Jamie works with team members in each department, managing schedules and overseeing time and resource management to help deliver every project on time within budget and scope. The Nexus of our team, Jamie keeps everyone connected and communicating.

What’s Jamie’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The culture! Jamie loves that it’s collaborative, supportive, and fun.

What is Jamie’s favorite Merit value?

Be passionate

Jamie loves when the team comes together, and everyone brings their own passion to work towards one goal of creating something new and exciting.

How does Jamie define success?

Jamie believes success is working hard to achieve your goals, no matter how many missteps or mistakes are made along the way.

Jamie's life motto

Grow through what you go through.