Jess Wolfe

Account Director

With over a decade of experience, Jess has worked with clients from almost every industry on projects of all sizes.

As a full-time AD and a full-time wife & mom, juggling isn't just a skill for Jess; it's a requirement.

That’s why we call her the Jess-ter. Jess is a seasoned marketing professional with a diverse background in not-for-profit sales and marketing, video production, writing, and client strategy. With an insatiable desire for creativity and knack for strategic thinking, Jess is inspired by the unique challenges every client brings to the Merit team.
With awards in video production and writing, Jess loves to jump into every project head-first, looking for ways to leverage her creativity alongside her team and deliver the very best work possible.

What's Jess’s favorite part of working at Merit?

Merit allows her to do something different every single day. Every project is distinct and no two days are the same.

What's your favorite Merit value?

Fail every day

Like many people, Jess has had jobs where she’s lived in fear of straying too far off the beaten path, so knowing that risk-taking is encouraged here at Merit makes her push herself into that place that feels a little scary, but eventually leads to magic.

How does Jess define success?

Success is at the apex of the team feeling truly proud and the client feeling inspired and overjoyed. (She’s talking tears – actual tears.)

Jess's life motto

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

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