John Gehling

Associate Web Developer

As the lead researcher on the development team, John performs ongoing research, support, and updates to help keep client sites running smoothly.

John spends countless hours exploring the latest technologies and opportunities for digital innovation.

Whether it’s a new framework, software, or coding language, John keeps the team up to date with information on new trends. He also regularly performs routine website maintenance, fixing bugs and broken systems. While John’s role may not be the most glamorous, it is immensely important, and he’s always ready to step in and help coworkers and clients with genuine compassion and an unfailing eye for detail.

What is John’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The relaxed work environment

What is John’s favorite Merit value?

Stay balanced

How does John define success?

I define success by being happy and content.

John’s life motto:

Peace, love, and happiness to EVERYONE.