Kevin Hartman

Account Director

Kevin is a strategic planner trapped in a creative thinker’s body – making him a dynamic communicator.

As an account manager with 15+ years of experience in communications, Kevin fosters close client relationships and highlights the value his clients provide to their target audiences.

He understands how to communicate for every platform and occasion because of his wide range of experiences, from public affairs specialist to TV news production.

Kevin has a deep love of food and travel, second only to his love of people and communicating. From Afghanistan to Denmark, he’s been to all corners of the world pursuing discovery and connection. Adventurous and organized, Kevin’s passions guide him as he meticulously plans new trips or detailed editorial calendars.

Kevin’s favorite part about working at Merit?

Knowing that, no matter what we need or want to do, we have people who can either figure it out themselves, or know how to get it done another way. People don’t look for marketing/PR/branding support – they look for a solution. We do our best to find solutions that meet or exceed the requested need.

What is Kevin’s favorite Merit value?

Stay balanced

Because when you do, the other values fall into place.

How does Kevin define success?

Finding that perfect sweet spot of value. When the client sees value in the results and relationship they have with you, and you experience personal value in the work you’re doing for the client, a true partnership develops throughout the “adventures.”

Kevin’s life motto:

F-bombs by priority – Faith. Family. Food. They all enrich the other and make everything else you do fulfilling and purposeful.