Kim Riley

Managing Director

Kim navigates market challenges for Merit clients with a keen eye for opportunity and insight. She's a communicator, a strategist, a realist. In her work, she strives for cohesion and creativity above all else.

Kim oversees strategy and employee experience of Merit’s East coast operation.

She works alongside Merit clients to build award-winning insight, creative, and technical inventions.

In the office, it’s a top priority for Kim to invest in talented, driven people. She empowers teams to live Merit’s core values: No Assholes, Show Love, Expect the Best, Be Passionate, Stay Balanced, and Fail Every Day. 

Outside of the office, Kim is a mom to two boys, and spends her weekends running, traveling, and eating donuts from the Broad Street Market.

What’s Kim’s favorite part about working at Merit?

Kim loves working at Merit for the opportunities to explore the road less traveled. She’s driven by the complexities of navigating her way through market invention.

What’s Kim’s favorite Merit value?

Show love

Kim believes compassion and praise are essential to building a team that cares deeply about their work.

How does Kim define success?

Success is an outcome that requires complete ownership of an idea. And that means creating it, nurturing it, and seeing it through. Kim believes in the profound power of owning your ideas when defining success.

Kim's Life Motto

Be nice. Have fun. Don't freak out.