Maddie Malloy

Interactive Designer

Maddie designs beautiful experiences.

Maddie is an artisan for the 21st century, blending technical know-how with a keen eye for aesthetics.

She supports the Merit Studio team throughout the design process, ensuring that designs are both logical and visually stunning. She loves the opportunity to solve an ever-changing list of client challenges with unique, fresh, and intuitive design solutions. Maddie is also a firm believer in the value of client-agency communication throughout the creative process, ensuring clarity, alignment, trust, and stronger results.

From designing in the studio to running on the weekends (she’s completed four half marathons, one triathlon, one spartan race, and one full marathon), Maddie is always pushing herself to achieve the next level.

What is Maddie’s favorite part of working at Merit?

I love how passionate the people at Merit are. Everyone genuinely loves what they do and seems excited to come to work every day.

What is Maddie’s favorite Merit value?

Stay balanced.

How does Maddie define success?

Success is continuously striving to reach a higher goal than the one that was previously met. Even if you don't come close to reaching the new goals that you set for yourself, success can be found simply by attempting a new challenge as opposed to staying within your comfort zone.

Maddie’s life motto:

You get what you work for.