Megan Earley

Senior Communications Executive

With experience in both traditional journalism and public relations, Megan understands the importance of communication—and knows how to help clients share their stories with the public.

Megan knows that communications is a powerful process.

From initial research and analysis to humanizing a client’s voice and message, she is passionate about helping clients to understand the importance of public relations—which she believes is a discipline often overlooked. In work or outside of it, Megan tries to help people be their best selves. She takes inspiration from her team, and she strives to be both the helper and the doer.

Megan was an athlete in college, and she still loves to run marathons and stay up to date with the latest fitness trends. She also loves to read and spend time with her friends and family.

What is Megan’s favorite part of working at Merit?

I love the mission of what Merit is doing and how we’re serving our clients in such a different way. It’s innovative and always challenging.

What is Megan’s favorite Merit value?

Be Passionate.

Passion drives quality of work, and it brings you in every day. Excitement and enthusiasm only stem from passion for your industry and your clients.

How does Megan define success?

Success is going above and beyond for your client and then experiencing that win at the end, getting that positive feedback, and knowing that you did everything you could. It’s being proud in what you do.

Megan’s life motto:

Be strong, powerful, and brave.