Michael Murray

Director, Development

Michael’s experience working with multiple languages and platforms gives him the ability to quickly understand new systems, adapt to interesting technology requests, and successfully deliver results in that space.

As a software developer, Michael writes code in a variety of programming languages and supports client technology on a wide range of platforms.

He has worked on everything from a social media aggregation display for a major league baseball team to custom ecommerce integration solutions to native iOS and Android apps and logistical systems for large-scale warehouse automation.

Michael enjoys analyzing complex systems and understanding them at a functional level, either to improve upon them or create something better. As The Iterator, Michael pushes to continually improve the projects he’s working on.

When not in the office, Michael’s favorite thing is spending time with his wife and daughter.

What is Michael’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The flexibility with respect to working from home and the expectation of maintaining work/life balance

What is your favorite Merit value?

Stay balanced

How do you define success?

Developing and attaining individual happiness through personal choices, friendships, career goals, and family.

Michael's life motto

Having respect and appreciation for nature, science, and all living things.