Ricky Bohan

Video Producer

After nearly a decade of professional video experience, Ricky understands the process of bringing an idea to life, from ideation through the final cut.

From freelancing to leading the video production team at one of Georgia’s largest universities, Ricky sees himself as something akin to a Swiss Army knife of film.

He’s taken on writing, shooting, directing, and editing—and he loves them all. For Ricky, branching out into new disciplines and flexing new creative muscles is all a part of his personal battle against complacency. If things are going okay, if his work is “satisfactory,” he’s not happy—he’s searching for that next level.

Ricky is a husband and a father, and he dedicates most of his time outside the office to his family.

What is Ricky’s favorite part of working at Merit?

The family environment. You feel at home, and that boosts creativity. It means good things going forward.

What is Ricky’s favorite Merit value?

The Golden Rule.

How does Ricky define success?

Success is when the element of surprise works even on yourself.

Ricky’s life motto:

“You exist only in what you do.” Federico Fellini