Sheila Berger

Front-End Developer

Sheila’s background in design and UX, along with her experience as a front-end developer, give her a unique perspective in developing visually engaging and user-centered websites.

Sheila has had the opportunity to build the front-end of a variety of websites and digital displays.

Her experience ranges from large responsive ecommerce sites to WordPress multi-site builds and custom animations. Sheila navigates complexity and projects like a well-trained Ninja.

Originally destined for print design, Sheila fell in love with the web and front-end development during college. The rest is history.

What is Sheila’s favorite part of working at Merit?

Collaborating with a group of talented people who are awesome at what they do.

What is Sheila’s favorite Merit value?

Stay balanced

How does Sheila define success?

Success is becoming the best version of yourself. Success looks different for everyone, but ultimately it is about stretching yourself to your full potential and continuing to grow.

Sheila’s life motto

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
― Yoda