Tim Prough

Creative Director

Tim’s 15+ years of creative exploration in global consumer, b2b, arts and non-profit categories gives him the unique ability to approach projects in broad and unconventional ways. And he has the awards to prove it.

Tim ideates and collaborates with Merit’s East coast creative team.

A connoisseur of sound and vision, Tim enjoys bringing emotional and psychological nuances to every creative project. In his experience, the art of storytelling requires a moment of revelation that imprints itself onto the emotional ether of the human psyche; in forms of humor, sadness, excitement, intrigue, or fear. Yeah, he goes that deep. With an emphasis on artistry, he enjoys melding a rich visual with a smart strategy.

When Tim isn’t working with the team, you can find him kayaking on the river, meandering on mountain paths, or creating his own expressions of art and music like the old soul he is.

What's Tim's favorite part of working at Merit?

Tim’s favorite part of working at Merit is being among a close family of smart, independent, multi-talented people who genuinely care about each other. He loves that everyone's individual skill sets overlap and complement one other – a rarity in this business.

What's Tim’s favorite Merit value?

Fail every day

Discovery is the greatest part of the journey. The little things. The nuances. Those tiny unknowns that build into a larger understanding of exactly what IT is. Discovering what does and does not work isn’t failure; it’s the act of bravely trying something new.

How does Tim define success?

Success is when original work resonates with one’s soul in expressions of surprise, wonder, and yes, tears.

Tim's life motto

All is beautiful.