Tom Hollerbach

Chief Invention Officer

Tom has more than 20 years of agency management experience – always as a hands-on, lead account person for major national and international accounts – giving him unparalleled insight into every project.

Tom has always looked for creative solutions to business challenges that are definitive and unique.

Much of his time has been spent on strategic planning, including creating planning approaches for agencies. He enjoys working closely with creatives to produce highly effective work. His experience crosses nearly every business category.

One of his key accomplishments over the years has been becoming a “consigliere” to CEO’s and CMO’s because of his expert understanding of the business challenges they face. Through his understanding, he’s better able to solve their communications needs.

What is Tom’s favorite part about working at Merit?

Problem solving with the team.

What is Tom’s favorite Merit value?

Expect the best.

It is my favorite Merit value because it represents what I expect from my co-workers, my family and especially myself. If you don't expect the best and strive for it everyday you are settling. And settling is not an option.

How does Tom define success?

Helping clients achieve their goals through uniquely “Merit” solutions.

Tom’s life motto

Don’t look back – always be moving forward.

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