Torin Keefer

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Torin brings depth to the art of digital marketing, uniting his lifelong passions for artistry and analysis.

With experience in design, digital campaigns, and project management, Torin understands how to make an impact.

He loves tackling challenges and creating results in everything he does – from designing unforgettable ads to creating unique social media experiences. Torin goes beyond tactics, looking at the big picture: a digital strategy built to influence the whole customer journey.

Torin is a constant creative. Outside of work, he loves painting and working on art projects. A kind and compassionate soul who invests in the present moment, Torin brings his passion to everything he does.

What is Torin’s favorite part about working at Merit?

The people and the creative atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and genuinely wants to help one another and see the team succeed.

What is Torin’s favorite Merit value?

Be passionate.

How does Torin define success?

Success is a journey rather than a finish line. It’s not something tangibly measured but rather felt in your core: knowing you gave your all, feeling proud of your accomplishments, and seeing the positive impact your work has on others.

Torin’s life motto:

Life is less about finding yourself, and more about creating yourself—change what you can’t accept, accept what you can’t change. Above all else, be passionate, be kind, be unapologetically yourself.