Trevor Stauffer


With his direct and striking style, Trevor crafts copy like a modern-day Hemingway.

Trevor unites a passion for clarity with a love of beauty in his approach to writing.

His academic mastery of great writers gave him a strong foundation in classical writing skills, and his time teaching English in Spain taught him to strip language down to a basic, universal essence. For Trevor, writing isn’t just about communicating well – it’s about communicating beautifully.

When he’s not drafting the perfect sentence, Trevor enjoys fly fishing, hiking, and bow hunting. From casting a line to finishing a blog post, Trevor brings the art of precision to everything he does.

What is Trevor’s favorite part about working at Merit?

Being surrounded by brilliant people who respect their work – a constant inspiration to be better.

What is Trevor’s favorite Merit value?

Stay balanced.

How does Trevor define success?

Defining what you love and relentlessly pursuing it.

Trevor’s life motto:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world; no one thinks of changing themselves.” – Leo Tolstoy