Branding and Market Invention

Traditional brand creation misses the mark. It tries to promote an identity – an image – within a market space. And that’s cool. Especially if you are trying to compete against a bigger, long-established brand with your shiny new website or sexy ad campaign. Or, if you’re trying to hold on to the top spot by telling everyone how long you’ve been around and why the other guys don’t perform at your level.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Here comes the pitch about market disruption and product differentiation.”

Nope. Market disruption is a powerful thing, and so is product differentiation. They’re both important in brand creation, but they aren’t the end goals. We think there’s a better, more integrated way of looking at what makes a powerful brand. It’s at the root of market disruption, product differentiation, and all those other buzzwords that indicate successful companies: market invention.

The concept of market invention is one that just might change the way you think about traditional branding. Because for a market inventor, their market is their brand. If you want online videos, you go to YouTube. If you want a cheap apartment for the night, you go to Airbnb. Those companies use traditional branding techniques, but their branding goes much deeper than modern logos and a peppy social media presence. Their brands are inextricably linked to their market at an emotional level, inhabiting a single, shared space in the minds of consumers.

Most ad agencies and marketing firms preach the importance of a better brand – one that will stand out from the crowded market. We say: make a new market.

Back in 1999, the famous book Information Rules predicted the inevitable demise of big brands with the rise of the internet and free information. But in many ways, it’s had just the opposite effect: because the internet allows market inventors to more effectively position their brand as the market, we’ve seen titans rise and imitators fall away.

If you want to invent a new brand for yourself, forget image: create a new space. Let us show you how.

About Merit

Merit is the global leader in market invention. More often than not, our work carves out an entirely new market and transforms industry through research and strategy, communications, creative, and technology. For a company to succeed in the new era of marketing, it needs Merit.

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