Alex Rhodes

Brands – Everybody’s Got One

From a Fortune 500 company to a local business owner to an individual, the approach to managing a brand is all the same.

1. Don’t just listen – learn

A brand requires regular care and attention, but it’s not just about listening, it’s about learning, too. Today’s market requires companies to be more targeted and relevant than ever before. It may sound like an arduous task to know exactly who your audience is and what they want, but it’s not as hard as you think. The great news is the answers you’re seeking are likely right under your nose. Speak to your customers, seek their input on product innovations and/or changes, see what they’re saying about you on social; these all are great ways to get feedback and insights from those that matter most: your customers.

2. You can’t set it and forget it

A brand is a living, breathing thing. Many businesses launch a brand or product and think, “Phew, I’m glad that’s over!” Wrong, it’s never over. But that’s the exciting part. The beauty of a strong brand is that it never stays the same for too long; it’s constantly evolving and optimizing itself based on the market. Use this rule as an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles, to think bigger and outside the box.

3. Your reputation is everything

The world is no longer made up of passive customers. They are more knowledgeable and intelligent than ever before. They have a million different options, and they’re constantly seeking opinions, creating opinions and then letting others know of their experiences (good or bad). These opinions have the ability to impact your reputation, and your reputation matters. If done well, your reputation will work hard for you to win brand loyalty, competitive advantage and, most importantly, sales.

If you remember anything, remember this: everyone has a brand, but it’s how you manage it that can make or break a company. Constantly evaluate your place in the market, your customers’ needs and your reputation amongst your audience. Then use this information to iterate and evolve your brand and stay ahead of your competition and your customers’ wants and needs.



About Alex Rhodes

Alex is a Vice President of Client Experience at Merit. Alex uses her vast marketing industry experience to lead a team of client strategists in providing integrated brand, research, and digital experience programs.

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