Projecting What's Next

Nearly 50 years ago, Cardone reinvented the auto parts market. By engineering low-cost, high quality alternatives to OE parts, Cardone became one of the world’s largest auto parts manufacturers. But years of selling parts in a complex business-to-business marketplace challenged the manufacturer’s ability to build a brand. Merit collaborated with the automotive giant to assess its market and project Cardone’s brand as what’s next in the industry.


The automotive repair industry is rooted in trust and credibility. Automotive technicians need the best part, at the best price, at the right time. They need partners who recognize that, in this industry, reputation is everything.


Through outputs from a qualitative research study, Merit developed a brand platform and multi-year go-to-market strategy to help Cardone maintain a leadership position and build an identity that articulated its role as a market inventor.


We positioned Cardone as the go-to partner for automotive technicians across North America. As part of this engagement, we developed a new visual identity, messaging platform and customer and digital experience frameworks, along with a robust media program.


Research & Strategy

Decoding an Entrenched Ecosystem

Through blended ethnographic field research, remote interviews, and competitive market analysis, Merit discovered and delineated customers’ needs, motivations and opportunities to interact with Cardone.


Building a Better Brand

We built expressions of Cardone’s identity to reach and train customers where they live: in their shops. Through strategic deployment and communications plans, Merit partnered with influential customers that use Cardone parts every day, increasing brand visibility and loyalty.


Sharing the Cardone Story

We architected and deployed a paid, earned, owned and shared media strategy to educate the market and position Cardone as a clear market leader.

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