Innovation in an aging market

What if the smart home concept extended right to the end of the driveway? This was the question we posed to Cartell, a manufacturer of automatic driveway gates. Together, we worked to answer that question—not simply by taking a new approach to an outdated market, but by imagining a new marketspace altogether: the smart driveway.


The legacy market of automatic gates and driveway alerts was dominated by only a few large companies, and Cartell was tired of staying small in a market ripe with opportunity. There was not much differentiation between competing companies and products, and none of the major players were using mobile/digital capabilities to their potential.


Cartell made a superior product, but there was generally low awareness of the entire automatic gate and driveway alert industry. How could Cartell do a better job of communicating the strengths and advantages of their products and expand their audience? Like other companies, Cartell’s digital presence was lagging, and the “innovation” in the market wasn’t all that innovative. Through industry research and in-depth interviews, we found that there was a deep desire for something new across the entire automatic gate ecosystem: from installers, to customers, to distributors.


Together we made a plan for Cartell to invent and own the “smart driveway” market. This new market would extend the “smart home” concept past the front door, shifting the perception of home automation to include driveway and gate devices that can send audible alerts to the home, turn on lights, activate video cameras, and connect to mobile devices.



A New Digital Experience

We built and launched an entirely new website for Cartell, designed to showcase their position as the smart driveway company and amplify the user experience.


Taking the Smart Driveway to Market

We executed a fresh, new vision, including a redesigned identity, refreshed marketing collateral, and new product packaging. We also revamped their digital presence through video and a digital marketing campaign in preparation for their newest product launch, set for Fall 2018.

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Adam Vasquez

What is Market Invention?

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Market Invention is the process of creating and maintaining market dominance by leveraging insight, purpose, position, and experience to establish, grow, and maintain customer and company value.

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