Reinventing a $26 Billion Industry

Big Cloud Analytics came to Merit because they wanted to use biometric data to improve people’s lives. We reimagined the health and wellness app to be a more streamlined, interactive experience and developed EVŌ. More than just a fitness app, EVŌ is the first app to coach people towards their health goals based on biometric data and behavioral insights.

Market Reality

The market for health and wellness apps had plenty of choices, but there was not much differentiation between them. We found that most on the market were boring, lacked incentives, and often presented data that was difficult to understand. Fitness apps claimed to enable users to live a healthier life, but did little beside providing basic biometric data. Additionally, the existing market was clearly targeted towards younger generations, ignoring a huge potential market in senior citizens who could benefit from fitness tracking and coaching.

Market Opportunity

Merit investigated EVŌ’s competition and the industry trends, held a discovery session, and researched user demographics to better understand the market and what users wanted in a health and wellness app. We also looked at behavioral change models and existing industry research. Through our analysis, we found that users were tired of “health scores” and statuses that were hard to understand and act upon. They wanted an interface that was simpler and more personalized, with coaching that was tailored to their goals and fitness levels, meeting them where they were at in their wellness journey with customized prompts to action.

Invention Strategy

Based on our assessment of the current market, we set out to reinvent the market by addressing the common pain-points of the industry. Instead of an app with complicated terminology and confusing scores, EVŌ would focus on an elegantly simply circle that provided clear, visualized metrics. We developed archetypes, based on current fitness, goals, and motivation levels, that would inform the way EVŌ interfaced with users. Our research team also developed a strategy based around the idea of “nudging” users towards healthier choices, little by little, with personalized messaging and encouragement.


Make the Market

Engineered for Everyone

In order to give users a customized experience, we created unique prompts and calls to action - over 7,000 of them - for people at any level of fitness and readiness for behavioral change. EVŌ’s streamlined platform, centered around the data circle, was created: by far the simplest, cleanest, most engaging user interface on the market.

Make the Market

Wellness at Any Age

EVŌ was the first app ever created to coach users towards fitness goals based on their biometric data, and it also became the first with a version specifically targeted towards helping older generations. It was simple enough for senior citizens to use and understand on their own, and powerful enough to provide meaningful data to caregivers and doctors.

Market Invention Results

A New Standard of Well-Being

As the first health and wellness app that was also a coaching app, EVŌ immediately garnered the attention of top wearable fitness device companies. At the same time, major health insurance providers came to EVŌ, interested in adding the app’s powerful capabilities to their networks. EVŌ disrupted the health and wellness app industry—a $26 billion global market—while at the same time allowing major changes to the way healthcare providers monitor patient health.

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