Redefining Your Ride

Like many other public transportation companies, Lebanon Transit (LT) was struggling to find effective ways to grow and nurture its ridership. Recognizing the opportunity to create better connections with the community, Merit helped LT redefine the way LT talked about public transportation, starting with the real people that rely on it every day.


The overwhelming perception of public transportation is that people only use it out of necessity. Merit saw an opportunity to change this perception and find a better way for LT to connect with its current – and potential – riders.


Within the ecosystem of LT riders, stories exist that transcend the trip itself. Merit helped LT communicate those stories, connecting them with LT’s audience on a more meaningful level.


By leading with real stories, we heard the real reasons why people use LT: to save money, connect with the community, and reclaim some free time. These reasons to ride resonated with LT’s audiences, including riders, drivers and community partners. LT redefined the public transportation experience, and carved out a unique space to own in a cookie-cutter market.



A Community Connected by Stories

The My Ride campaign used real photography, content and rider experiences to explain the benefits of using LT’s services and shift the perception of public transportation.


Taking the Digital Route

A critical component of public transportation is reliability. Merit worked with LT to design a website that allows users to access real-time status and important updates affecting the community.


Real Riders, Real Stories

Merit created content targeting the communities that LT serves, along with branded imagery and custom graphics to drive user engagement. Merit also produced a series of videos that went along for the ride with actual LT customers.

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