A seasonal treat gains a year round following.

MARSHMALLOW PEEPS® is one of America’s most beloved and recognizable candy brands, especially during the Easter season. With every bite, this treat evokes fond childhood memories among a generation of loyal fans. The brand partnered with us to break the mold and build brand awareness and affinity beyond its key selling seasons and core fan base.

Market Reality

MARSHMALLOW PEEPS® has been the #1 non-chocolate candy brand at Easter and a fan favorite for more than 60 years. While this iconic brand has been successful at driving consumption among its loyal fans, data insights revealed a noticeable deficit in awareness, preference and household penetration beyond Easter.

Market Opportunity

With an in-depth review of consumer insights and an understanding of today’s connected buyer, we partnered to introduce a new line of flavorful, dipped PEEPS products featuring fun and colorful packaging to the next generation of PEEPS® fans: millennial moms.

Invention Strategy

We took steps to re-invigorate the brand and position PEEPS® as the one-of-a-kind, cute and quirky candy treat that allows moms to express their Peepsonality® and bring spontaneous fun to family gatherings, holiday traditions and everyday celebrations.



An Unlikely Pairing

As part of a disruptive promotional marketing campaign, the PEEPS® Brand appeared as a sponsor at the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival and partnered with American cookbook author, television food critic, chef and novelist Katie Lee to introduce the new PEEPS® Delights® products along with creative PEEPS-inspired recipes to festival attendees and a much broader social following.


Prepare to be Delighted

To support the campaign and draw attention to the unexpected pairing of PEEPS and SOBE, we designed and deployed a section within the PEEPS brand site dedicated to delighting consumers with product introductions, SOBE updates, UGC, social contests and even a fun guide for pairing the new PEEPS® Delights® with your favorite wine.

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