Sowing the Seeds

New Holland has been a trusted leader in the ag farming industry for generations. Across the fields and around the globe, the brand has embodied the rugged, hard-working spirit of its loyal, "True Blue" fans. New Holland partnered with us to enhance engagement with its customers and build brand resonance beyond the dealership.


For many farmers, brand loyalty is their very identity and they wear it proudly. While over 900 New Holland dealerships throughout North America have their own marketing presence and offer branded merchandise, it is considered more of an afterthought to equipment sales, often lacking in brand consistency, quality, and breadth of offering for the customer.


By leveraging customer insights, reviewing the competitive landscape and understanding the current merchandising strategy, we recognized an opportunity for New Holland to connect with its customers directly to help drive sales as well as grow its fan base.


We took steps to position New Holland as a lifestyle brand in order to appeal to and engage with customers in a more meaningful way.



The Country Store is Open for Business

We built and continue to maintain a dedicated online store where customers and fans can shop for a full range of official New Holland Brand hats and apparel, toy models and collectibles, home décor, gifts, and more. An affiliate program also rewards dealers for driving business to the ecommerce site.


An Integrated Approach

To drive business and build the customer base, we implemented an integrated strategy including SEO/SEM, email marketing and promotions, and social media. We also introduced an exclusive True Blue Fan Club loyalty program that speaks to the interests and lifestyle of New Holland farmers and their families.

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