Building the Brand of a Market Challenger

PennAir’s service-based approach has always been its differentiator, but PennAir needed a brand presence that communicated the company's essence. PennAir’s history is rich, but its brand felt fragmented due to ongoing growth. Merit used competitive research and employee experience to truly understand what differentiated PennAir in its market. This provided PennAir with a brand that accurately represents it as a market challenger.

Market Reality

PennAir’s customers have complex needs that require more than an off-the-shelf solution. They require a partner that can act as a part of their team and provide an unmatched level of service.

Market Opportunity

Talking with anyone from PennAir, it’s easy to see why customers choose to work with the company. Merit helped PennAir hone in on the traits that define its customer experience and communicate this experience through a unified identity and powerful brand expressions.

Invention Strategy

Merit recognized that PennAir’s ability to think ahead, ask meaningful questions, and consistently exceed what is expected truly separates the company from the “me too” brands that crowd its market. By creating a brand story founded in these attributes and an identity that speaks to the innovation and purpose behind its business, PennAir has carved out a clear space for itself that the competition can’t touch.



A Forward-Looking Identity

To help PennAir prepare for a highly-anticipated move into a new, customized space, Merit developed a brand that re-energized PennAir’s business and is representative of its contemporary range of capabilities.


Enhancing User Experience

Merit designed and developed a website that provides users an intuitive experience, clearly communicating PennAir’s approach and capabilities. The site was designed with continued growth in mind, allowing new content to easily be added and enhanced.


Experience Starts with Employees

An undeniable part of a brand exploration and revision is the employee factor. Merit engaged PennAir’s employees throughout the process to ensure they were provided with the tools and expressions needed to support them.


Capturing the Spirit of a Brand

Merit produced a brand video and photography that captures the spirit of family, innovation, and service that are all at the heart of the company.

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Adam Vasquez

What is Market Invention?

It's the new era of marketing.

Market Invention is the process of creating and maintaining market dominance by leveraging insight, purpose, position, and experience to establish, grow, and maintain customer and company value.

Trevor Stauffer
How Dollar Shave Club Changed Shaving

Dollar Shave Club started selling disposable razor subscriptions in 2012. In a few years’ time, it had catapulted into the realm of the unicorns.


The Process Behind Disruption

Disruption might be the biggest business bandwagon of all time. But ask most people what their idea of disruption is, and they’ll stare at you with a blank look or start rattling off a set of disjointed ideas.

Trevor Stauffer

How to Not Become an Expert

Experts are impressive, but there are some trade-offs. First, there’s the obvious opportunity cost to hyper-specialization: all the other things you won’t be able to do. But there’s another, more subtle cost: you risk losing the beginner’s mind. As you restrict your inquisitive nature, your sense of wonder fades. You become uncomfortable with ambiguity. You forget how to learn in new ways about new things. You might begin to start liking the idea that you’re an expert and slowly, unconsciously start closing your mind to the opinions of non-experts. Then, to the experts who don’t agree with you. The process continues, and eventually you find yourself totally isolated, lost in your own ideas.

Casey Boggs

Why Turnaround Specialists Need Market Invention

Turnaround specialists can be called in at all stages of failure, from decreasing working capital to impending bankruptcy. While the work of a turnaround specialist in these situations is irreplaceable, it can be effectively supplemented by incorporating Merit’s Market Invention strategy. This unique partnership turns a rather dire situation into a net positive by implementing change and inventing a new opportunity for a business to not only survive, but to thrive.

Public Relations and Market Invention

“We need public relations!” We hear this command frequently from big and small organizations across the country. However, we promptly question what exactly they’re seeking. Every organization needs a smart PR strategy, but most don’t know exactly how.


Video and Market Invention

You’ve probably heard of Market Invention, the strategic process of creating new markets through a shift in audience, category, channel, or branding. It’s the discipline behind disruption, and it rests on good communication. That’s where video comes in.

Web Design and Market Invention

Web designers are the architects that create the visual elements of the site, the stuff the user sees. Web developers create the functionality that works in the background. When working together, the two disciplines deliver a seamless, clean experience that ignites a buyer’s interest.

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