Revelry: A Night You’ll Never Remember

TL;DR We made a charity eventful.

When we were asked to establish an event to raise money for the Pinnacle Health Foundation, we knew we couldn’t afford to blend in with other fundraisers in the area. Client leadership agreed, giving us free reign to create something “unlike any charity event you’ve attended before.”

Market Reality

Why do so many charitable causes struggle with turnout? If you’ve been to a few, the answer is obvious. Most of us just aren’t interested in sitting through nine courses with a few hundred strangers who also wish they were somewhere else. People want to do good, but they also want to have a good time.

Market Opportunity

With this insight in mind, we set out to create a charity event that didn’t feel like self-sacrifice. And we needed a name that would make it clear that this night out would be anything but boring. Labels like “gala,” “ball,” and “fête” simple didn’t apply to what we had planned. This was going to be a Revelry.

Invention Strategy

We looked at the unspoken rules that make most charity events so lifeless—and broke them wherever we could. For starters, no dress code. No ceremonious speeches, either. And instead of a country club or a hotel ballroom, the Revelry would take place in a restored aircraft hangar—filled with vintage planes, swing dancing, and an open bar. This night out would also benefit the benefactors.



Turning a concept into a movement

As excitement grew, regional and national businesses joined in. Troegs Independent Brewing made a splash with Revelry Hazy IPA—the only beer they’ve ever produced for a private event. Elijah Craig supplied a barrel of Revelry Bourbon. And Morgan Stanley, our title sponsor, supported us at every turn.


Introducing the guilt-free hangover

Local influencers helped build hype as we launched a cheeky campaign inviting guests to lower their inhibitions while raising money for a worthy cause. The first-ever Revelry saw 300 attendees and raised more than $90,000. And while many guests have only foggy memories of the good they did, the local families they helped will never forget.

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