Digital Media and Market Invention

Digital media is changing so fast and so often that it can feel impossibly overwhelming. Last year, everyone had a podcast and an influencer campaign. And you’ve probably heard that this is the year of chatbots, analytics, Generation Z, voice search, and video content for mobile. It’s a lot to keep track of.

But before you rush off to the first digital media strategist you can find, consider this: does good digital media marketing really mean just matching the trends of the day? Or, since those trends will always be shifting and evolving, might there be some underlying strategy at the base of all that (very important) surface-level stuff?

Of course there should be, but it doesn’t seem like many brands have a deeply thought-out strategy behind their digital media campaigns.

We have an alternative to the fickle, “me-too” digital media trends: Market Invention.

We’re not saying you should ignore the trends. Quite the opposite: embrace the trends, just do them better and with a real, articulated purpose. Market Invention is about using research, creativity, and vision to create new markets—a perfect lens through which to view the digital media world.

While market invention often involves new products or services, market invention in digital media can be as deceptively simple as differentiating a product through a new sense of purpose. Consider Heineken’s smash-hit “Open Your World” campaign. Although Heineken didn’t change anything about their beer, they portrayed it in a new way: a beer (and a company) that was about bringing people together and bridging even deep differences. It was a timely, powerful message that won millions of fans.

Why did “Open Your World” have such spectacular success compared to many other campaigns? In contrast to the ever-changing trends of digital media, a campaign like “Open Your World” is timeless. Because its core is brand positioning, the campaign could be readily tweaked to fit many trends or digital formats and still be persuasive. It’s the difference between playing-follow-the leader and having the strategy of a market inventor.

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Merit is the global leader in market invention. More often than not, our work carves out an entirely new market and transforms industry through research and strategy, communications, creative, and technology. For a company to succeed in the new era of marketing, it needs Merit.

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