Kim Riley

Early leaks & social media have changed Super Bowl advertising

Super Bowl advertising has undergone an evolution, but is it primed for B2B? Our very own Managing Director Kim Riley provides some insights to the Central Penn Business Journal about the Super Bowl this year. B2B businesses can learn some tricks from the B2C ads that parade across the Super Bowl ad space.

Click HERE to read the full discussion about the Super Bowl and experience marketing.

About Kim Riley

Kim is the Managing Director of Merit's East coast operation. She's a communicator, a strategist, a realist. Kim builds award-winning insight, creative, and technical inventions by translating customer needs into activations of a brand.

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Kim Riley
This week's market inventions: Healthcare, self-driving trucks, and more

Healthcare reinvention, self-driving trucks, homeless vending machines and Arizona’s first beer barley industry all made an appearance this month as examples of how to reinvent your market.

Trevor Stauffer

Market Invention at the Super Bowl

The airtime between whistles during the Super Bowl is the most expensive of all sports games, with 30 second time slots reportedly costing brands over $5 million in 2018. But experts disagree when it comes to the efficacy of Super Bowl advertising.

Adam Vasquez
Sacunas is now Merit

It’s official: Sacunas is now Merit.


House of Ideas: Life at the Mansion

If you haven’t been to Harrisburg, PA, you should come. This town has a vibe unlike any other. We’d describe it as a passion for greatness driven by an aversion to ego. It’s pretty wonderful, actually.

Kim Riley

Everything in Business I Learned from Waitressing

At 16, I was serving breakfast to truck drivers and families on their way to Hersheypark. I worked at the Perkins near my parent’s house, and it was the defining moment of my adolescence.

Kim Riley
Why Great Ideas Fail in Execution

You just received an insight from your marketing agency. A campaign concept, a findings report, a brand strategy. It's shiny. It's new. And it’s full of inquisitive grandeur about your brand.

Kim Riley

Invention by Reinvention

Successful market inventors, no matter the industry, eliminate barriers to creativity by leading with yes: challenging the norm and rethinking the processes that stand in the way of new ideas.

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