Email and Market Invention

The concept of a thorough email marketing program has been adopted as a consistent engagement strategy for both small and large brand businesses. Designed to maintain a relationship with targeted audiences, email marketing and list management has served as a cost-effective marketing tool, producing the highest ROI compared with all other marketing channels. Even prior to the World Wide Web enabling the internet’s main-stream launch in 1991, email was seen by business owners as a competitor to the post and telephone direct marketing strategies. Talk about Market Invention.

While email is being used as an engagement tool at large, most marketers still struggle with developing a comprehensive plan to capture, retain, and engage the audience that best leverages their business goals. Agencies have been supporting this service as an outsourced utility for years, but the model is starting to break as the the number of users grows daily and inboxes continued to be slammed with an overabundance of newsletters and advertisements.  

In order to stand out in a place where operant conditioning exists, Merit is using all of the basics of effective email marketing (aka: personalization, optimizing for all device types, containing visuals, meaningful call-to-actions) and applying concepts unique to Market Invention to give clients an advantage on this high ROI opportunity.  

So, why should your business elect to include an email marketing program in your marketing budget? Email stands as the consumers preferred communication method with companies. Besides trying to please the customer, we know email is cost-efficient and enables brands to communicate, sell, engage, and cross-market as mergers and acquisitions are used as a market placement tactic.

What else can email marketing do? Open your inbox and find a flood of promotional offers selling clothing and home goods. Outside of the traditional ecommerce sell, companies are adopting practices in their email marketing programs that are highlighting company values, charitable actions, consumer appreciation, and co-branding efforts. Patagonia utilized its established email channel to promote its Patagonia Provisions business launch in 2016. Not only did they use their current data-set for the Provisions launch, but then resurfaced content to its users about how they’re using sales from Provisions to give back to communities and organizations in need. Parasol Co uses its email newsletter to drive consumers to free content on their blog centered around helpful information for new parents. Spotify sends out impromptu notices to members promoting concerts and special pre-orders on tickets. All of these examples are showcase differentiation techniques used in email marketing.

As a standalone program, email is the MVP of the digital marketing channel grid. Merit stands behind the power of the consumer email engagement model and uses it to communicate brand messaging, engage target audiences, and promote new markets through Market Invention.  If you want to reinvent the wheel and develop a real strategy to your email communications and marketing, let us help.


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Merit is the global leader in market invention. More often than not, our work carves out an entirely new market and transforms industry through research and strategy, communications, creative, and technology. For a company to succeed in the new era of marketing, it needs Merit.

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