You can’t own or expand a market without first understanding it. We ask real questions to gain real insights and build purpose for your brand by defining how you talk, what you believe, and what you do that sets you apart.

We invent new markets by carving out entirely new spaces.

But truly owning a market takes more than insight, purpose, and a clear position. It’s the result of the experiences you create—the ways you reach and connect with people.

At Merit, we leverage insight, purpose, position, and experience to transform brands into market inventors.

To move forward requires curiosity and vision. You need the ability to recognize the problems, experiences and opportunities that no else can see. Our team does just that. We’re in the business of understanding, and our broad array of skills connects with our clients and their industries on a deeper level than any other agency.

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You should. Because at the intersection of everything we do there’s an experience. A brand experience. Product experience. Customer experience. Public experience. Digital experience. You get the point.

We sit squarely at the center of organizations and their opportunities, and there is no other place we would rather be.