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Four Tips to Keep Your Company’s Social Content Original & Engaging

Social media is an essential tool to connect brands with their audience. Not only is social media hugely popular, but having engaging content can also boost sales, brand dedication, and general awareness. Many companies fail to use social media to its full potential – they regurgitate content from their website or other brand sources rather than paying attention to what type of content best fits the channel. The key to successful social media is original content. Here are some tips to create that winning content:


If you don’t have an image to accompany your text post, you can almost guarantee users will scroll right past it. According to SociallySorted, “Photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post.” Many social media channels limit the amount of characters you can use, which means reliance on visuals to share your information is more crucial than ever before. Pictures should be not only visually engaging, but they should also relate to your brand.

Starbucks is an excellent example. They have a certain style of photography for their website which makes it cohesive, but when posting to social media, the content is vibrant and engaging to catch users’ attention.


Your followers care about valuable content just as much as you do. If you’re sharing a story, make sure you’ve read it and understand its significance. Don’t simply share photos or articles because they match with your company. Kawash says, “Ask yourself, ‘Is this beneficial to me in any way?’” Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, and think about what they’re interested in reading.

Sharing also shows engagement with those talking about you. Brands should be constantly monitoring social media and answering comments, but re-tweeting or re-posting original content shared by your fans shows you appreciate their input and loyalty to your brand. It also helps you keep your feed updated and interesting.


As much as people love visual perfection and carefully edited photography, they also love stories and posts that create a personal connection. Behind-the-scenes photos like pictures of employees working on projects, meetings, or private functions get people engaged with your company beyond the products and services. This builds connections, and allows you to show your brand’s personality.


Posting or tweeting about current events shows your brand is paying attention and staying current. As Northrup writes, “People are talking about a power outage on their smartphones: why not make them think about Oreos?” The key is to react quickly and pick up on what’s trending on social media so you make a statement rather than follow the crowd.

But when it comes to tragedy, brands need to make sure their tone is right. In certain situations, it’s best to address the situation without directly tying it back to the brand.

For example, after Prince’s death, many companies posted tweets in his honor. Any company that included their product in the photo was criticized for making the situation about their brand. Tweets that did well were those that simply honored Prince rather than making it about the brand. Pandora is a good example of addressing a current event in an appropriate way:


Use these four steps to create more thoughtful, authentic social media content your followers will enjoy. Remember, if you don’t have something good to share, don’t share anything at all.

About Erin Zakin

Erin is an Account Executive, Communications at Merit. Erin specializes in media relations, public experience practices, and brand strategy. She’s worked with some of the top brands, helping them connect their thought leaders with industry influencers.

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