Why Your Digital Plan Should Be Mobile

Text, email, video, music, social media, lifestyle applications, notes, pictures… The smartphone brought life to a world where users can do practically anything from their devices. The applications became endless, and so did the marketing opportunities.  

Mobile advertising has broadened to include in-app/interstitial display, customized SEO/SEM, native, push notifications, and video/rich-media.  More importantly, ad optimization has been key as mobile takes over more and more of digital ad spends. While it’s evident why mobile is growing at large, businesses struggle to decipher a digital plan that effectively utilizes mobile as a piece of a larger puzzle.

Mobile at Merit is viewed less as a media type and more as an optimization opportunity. What does this mean? Sure, we service paid mobile advertisements as part of our digital programs. But as part of the Market Invention process, we like to use it to tell us how the viewers are seeing the content or ads.  For example, a digital strategy may outline paid advertising efforts relative to social media, but even within Facebook we want to prioritize our data attribution and be aware of how we are reaching specific audiences. This understanding is what opens up the opportunity to differentiate.

With the transition from desktop to mobile, and it’s consistent diversification, mobile is an indefinite need when it comes to developing and implementing a digital Marketing Invention strategy.  If you want to account for all mobile audiences in a larger way, let us help.

About Merit

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