Adam Vasquez

Sacunas is now Merit

It’s official: Sacunas is now Merit.

Why Merit, and why now?

Why not?

Since purchasing the firm in 2015, we’ve been on a mission to define ourselves and discover what makes our process – and our people – unique.

In all of our soul-searching, we’ve learned that we do things differently. We help our clients move beyond advertising to invent the future of their industries and lead their markets. We help them move forward, so it’s about time we did the same for ourselves.

Today, we’re taking a big, audacious leap in a direction that represents what we’ve learned – and where we’re headed.

Merit isn’t just a name; it’s the belief that in order to move ahead, you have to earn the right to move apart. It embodies what we believe, and the work we do for our clients – helping them become the center of what’s next.

Thank you to our clients and communities for believing in our vision and letting us help you with your toughest business challenges. We’re genuinely grateful for your support and continued partnership as we embark on this exciting change.


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Market Invention at the Super Bowl

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Adam Vasquez

What is Market Invention?

It's the new era of marketing.
Market Invention is the process of creating and maintaining market dominance by leveraging insight, purpose, position, and experience to establish, grow, and maintain customer and company value.

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