In a world full of watered down iced coffee, be a Unicorn Frappuccino

With almost 158,000 fan posts on Instagram alone, Starbucks’ limited time blended beverage released earlier this year took the internet by storm.

While the calorie and sugar content was questioned by health bloggers, one thing is certain: Starbucks knew what it was doing. The beverage wasn’t created for tired parents looking for their next caffeine fix. It was designed to talked about. $5 says you heard about this drink.

Starbucks has lead the coffee conversation since they created it. The release of the Unicorn Frappuccino resulted in the second highest total mentions in the last 5 years, reinforcing Starbucks’ leadership in the category.,%2Fm%2F02ccc5

I realize Starbucks has its fair share of issues, but they understand their customers. Starbucks may not have been the first to provide brewed coffee to masses, but they decided to do it a little differently. They didn’t fit in the mix in order to stand out.

They listen to their customers, to their employees, and act on who they are and what their purpose is — to provide quality coffee beverages and customer experiences.

Not only is their app a life saver when you’re running short on time, but the Starbucks experience keeps me coming back. Chelsea greets me by name, knows my order, and wishes me well on my way — she’s freaking great and so is my triple Americano. Starbucks gets my order right, and for what they don’t get right, they promise to make it better for me.

Every mobile order, every K-Cup brewed, every Instagram post: this all adds up to who Starbucks is, what their brand means, and why they’re leading the premium mass-consumer coffee market.

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