Sheila Berger

Three RWD Technologies That have Created Their Own Categories

Over the past few years, responsive web design (RWD) has been a major driving force of web design and technologies. Web design has changed, not just in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of how information is prioritized and organized. Front-end development methods have changed due to the need to create scalable user interfaces that will display well on any device. This has led to the creation of new categories of technologies and services that fill the needs of designers and developers as a result of RWD.


The category of CSS extensions became popular in part because of how they lend themselves to RWD in two main ways. First, they make it easier to create the robust grids needed for responsive layouts using math operators to calculate widths. Second, they provide a cleaner, more compact way to organize the larger amounts of CSS responsive designs called for (TheSassWay).

2. Font Awesome and Other Icon Libraries

Images often look blurry on mobile devices due to their high resolution, and resizing images with CSS to fit on smaller screens can often cause degradation of quality. Icon libraries filled the need for scalable icons that will look crisp at any screen size, and eliminated the need for sprites to handle multiple small icons and images. Font Awesome is driving the shift from raster images to scalable vector graphics and has positioned itself as arguably the most popular icon library.

3. Bootstrap

Reusable grid frameworks emerged as a way to make RWD faster and easier. They helped change the way sites are designed and built by allowing for a more fluid content layout (GetBootstrap). There are multiple grid systems to choose from, but Twitter’s Bootstrap has become synonymous among designers and front-end developers with the reusable grid framework.

About Sheila Berger

Sheila is a Front-End Developer at Merit. Her experience ranges from large responsive eCommerce sites, to WordPress multi-site builds, and custom animations. Sheila navigates complexity and projects like a well-trained Ninja.

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