Video and Market Invention

If you’re ignoring this simple tactic, your business is already on death row. You can probably feel it. Shackled behind bars as your fated day approaches, you peer through the crack in your cell as other businesses grow and thrive out in the sunlit world.

What was your capital offense?

People watch over 500 million hours of YouTube videos every day. Shoppers spend 250% longer perusing pages that include video—that’s how captivating it is. If you’re not tapping into that power,  you can kiss your dreams of long-term growth and market leadership goodbye. Without a strong video strategy, you simply cannot message effectively online. Sure, blogs, images, and clever text are important, but—for now at least—video is king.

You’ve probably heard of Market Invention, the strategic process of creating new markets through a shift in audience, category, channel, or branding. It’s the discipline behind disruption, and it rests on good communication. That’s where video comes in.

It helps in all stages of the Market Invention process. Want to call out the problems with the industry’s status quo? We’ve all seen viral videos doing just that, claiming to “expose” an industry or tell you “the shocking truth.” People absolutely crave the inside scoop. So while these spammy videos aren’t right for most organizations, a thoughtful, professional video that really does explain and address issues within a legacy market can be a powerful thing.

Once you’ve identified the problems with the old guard, video lets you effectively, persuasively communicate your solution. Done well, it lets your personality, honesty, and conviction shine through. It’s full of emotional persuasion—the online equivalent of in-person communication. And once you’ve converted a customer, video is a great way to keep them up-to-date in a fun, engaging way. Most people wouldn’t bother to read a press release about your newest product launch, but they might be willing to watch a short, intriguing video that shows up in their Facebook newsfeed.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to it than that. Producing videos for content marketing is an art, not just a strategy. Having a professional video crew that understands lighting, angles, audio, body language, editing, and a host of other factors is a must. But what will set your video apart, more than anything, is to have a framework of Market Invention behind it. To learn more about dominating through Market Invention, continue reading here.

About Merit

Merit is the global leader in market invention. More often than not, our work carves out an entirely new market and transforms industry through research and strategy, communications, creative, and technology. For a company to succeed in the new era of marketing, it needs Merit.

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