VR in Service Marketing

In the years I’ve spent focused on services-based marketing, the ongoing debate of whether B2B or B2C marketing is more challenging has raged on. Proponents on both sides have very strong opinions one way or another, but the truth is that they are both equally challenging in different ways. B2B services unique struggles, though, could find a creative solution in VR.

With B2B marketing, you struggle with driving traffic back to a website or sales, when the conversion is often taking place offline and in person. With services, unlike consumer products where clients can go to a store and touch and feel something, you need to rely on emotional drivers, word-of-mouth and reviews.

This disconnect of creating an emotional experience with B2B solutions and services can be bridged, in part, by creating virtual and augmented reality experiences that bring the customer or consumer a deeper, more personal connection with your business.

Virtual Reality can bring a customer inside the box or out in the field, giving them the perspective of their end user in order to better understand their pain-points and problems. You can help your customer not just see or hear how your products help their end users, but also feel and experience it themselves. You can help your customers experience your company’s value in a very physical way.

For example, think of a components manufacturer who designs and manufactures parts for an oil rig. Through virtual reality, the components company can create a VR experience that helps their customers understand what happens when something goes wrong on that rig, and can show them an alternate situation in which their products can avoid disaster.

In this scenario, you’ve created an emotional experience and response.

How can you use VR/AR to better connect with your customers on an emotional level?

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