Web Design and Market Invention

If you’re like most people, the last time you needed a new product or service, you searched online. If you happen to be a Millennial, I’d put $20 on it. Even if you didn’t end up buying online, you used it to gauge your options, compare prices, read reviews, or contact a company.

I don’t need to tell you how important a good online presence is. What you might not fully understand is how critical web design and web development are, or even exactly what they are. But if you want to carve out a leading position for your business, you absolutely need top-of-the-line web design and web development.

Web designers are the architects that create the visual elements of the site, the stuff the user sees. Web developers create the functionality that works in the background. When working together, the two disciplines deliver a seamless, clean experience that ignites a buyer’s interest.

Think of it like this: in a physical storefront, it’s important to keep the sales floor looking great. Clean windows, neatly stocked products, eye-catching signs, and smiling associates to greet shoppers: web design is like that, but online. Web designers make websites look beautiful, inviting guests to keep exploring. Web developers, on the other hand, do more behind-the-scenes work. They’re making sure the figurative doors open easily, the lights stay on, and the cash registers are in good operation. Both jobs are essential.

Fact: you are not going to dominate a market without experts designing and developing your website. Sure, you can try to save money and go through the hassle of building a template website yourself, but there are many good reasons that industry leaders and market inventors don’t use templates. They look cheap, they often don’t work across different browsers and platforms, and search engines usually don’t like them. What’s more, they aren’t designed around your unique brand and message, tailored to the buying stages of your customers: they’re cookie cutters.

In the digital age, Market Invention requires a stunning, functional website. If you are going to create a market through a shift in audience, category, channel, or branding, you aren’t going to do it with an amateur website. We can help with that.

About Merit

Merit is the global leader in market invention. More often than not, our work carves out an entirely new market and transforms industry through research and strategy, communications, creative, and technology. For a company to succeed in the new era of marketing, it needs Merit.

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