This Week’s Market Inventions: A Glimpse Into the Future?

We have a Slack channel dedicated to Market Invention. It’s a place for our team to talk about any new or potential market inventions they come across, which makes for some pretty interesting discussions. Here are a few of our favorites from last week:

Commitment-free cars: 

It used to be that if you weren’t ready for a long-term relationship, your only real option was to go through the hassle of renting. Mobiliti is changing that with their car subscription services that use dealer inventories.

Practical zero-emissions semi-trucks are almost here (and they look pretty sweet): 

Nikola is making semi-trucks that emit only water. Their trucks (and ATVs) run on electricity generated from hydrogen fuel. This system leads to twice the acceleration speed, 2-3 times more MPG, twice the horsepower, and longer range. And since the Nikola can be filled with liquid hydrogen in about 15 minutes, long times at charging stations aren’t an issue. This could mean big changes in air quality, carbon emissions, and petroleum dependance.

Six pack rings that feed sea life:  

We’ve all seen the depressing pictures of turtles, birds, and fish caught in plastic six pack rings. E6PR is doing something about that by forming six pack rings from composted, organic materials. So even if a sea turtle happens to find them simply irresistible, it’ll be fine: they are fully digestible and biodegradable.

The future of learning? 

Is this what continued education will look like in the future? Lightspeed VT produces courses by some of the world’s leading experts on a platform designed to stimulate learning with interactivity, spaced repetition, and role play.

Biology makes better materials: 

Bolt Threads believes that we’re working with outdated materials. They have two products: Mylo, a leather substitute made from fungal mycelium (think mushroom roots) and Microsilk, a man made spider silk. These really seem like they could be the future of fabric.

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